LIS integration

Celly.AI lets labs to manage the data and store all the reports in their own LIS.

LIS configuration is available on the Standart and Enterprise plans

Celly.AI APIs support the following scenarios:

"lis_id" – unique test id (string)
"created_at" – created date (string)
"finished_at" – finished date(string)
"cell_counts" – cells number (json)
"description" – test description (string)
"diagnosis" – diagnosis text (string)
"kind" – test type (string)
"patient_lis_id" – unique patient id in the LIS system (string)
"patient_name" – patient name (string)
"ontology" – ontology of the objects (string)
"user" – user that performed the test (string)

Integration Enabled: enables integration with customers LIS - after the test confirmation, the user can send results to the LIS.

Store reports in the LIS automatically: the website sends results to the LIS automatically.