🔬 What's Celly.AI?

Celly.AI is an iOS app for lab microscopy automation. It makes slide scans, counts cells, and detects abnormalities by the means of AI. You just mount the iPhone to the eyepiece of a microscope and the App makes the rest.

With Celly.AI you can

  • Make whole slide scans and store them in the cloud. Share your slides and invite remote colleagues for telemedicine, education, and presentations

The microscope become a manual slide scanner. No need for any expensive hardware
  • Automate microscopic tests such as WBC differential, malaria detection, and many others

Review the classification results on the website
  • Manage your data, integrate with LIS, and collaborate with team members

Live remote sharing for pathology consultations, and classroom demonstrations

See a brief video, how Celly.AI works - https://youtu.be/UpCWTB40wFo

What's next?

The best way to explore Celly.AI is to try it out — so don't wait and download the App (it's completely free!). Here are some things to start with:

Still, have some questions? Check our FAQ: