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To explore the Education functionality you don't need an adapter, just sign up on the website


  • Admin (add cells to the Exam Templates, creates and assigns Exams on the students)

  • Student (passes exams)

Add cells to Exam Template (admin)

  1. Open a Test

  2. Click on the cell -> Add to Exam Template

Create and assign Exam (admin)

  1. Add Exam

    • Set the test type (CBC, Malaria, etc)

    • Choose the student to assign the exam

    • Set the cells number to generate for the exam (the system will randomly take a given number of cells from the template)

Pass Exam (student)

  1. Click View to open the assigned Exam

  2. Drag the cells from the Unclassified to the proper classes

  3. Click Finish Test

  4. See your results on the Report tab

Admin and Students can review the exam results on the Exams Page

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