First Steps

Onboarding takes no more than five minutes, so let's go! 💥

🏁 Create an account

Celly is free for non-commercial usage and requires no card info. Go to the signup page, choose a username and password to create your personal account. You can sign up through the mobile app too.

📲 Download the app

Download the Celly app from the AppStore - it's absolutely free! Sign in with Celly website credentials.
The app requires iOS version 13+ and iPhone model 8 or higher.

✅ Get an adapter

Before you start, you should get an optical adapter to connect your phone to the microscope.
The adapter is compatible with 99% types of lab microscopes
Celly supports the LabCam Ultra adapter. Compatibility with other adapters is not guaranteed
Attach your iPhone to the eyepiece of a microscope. Put the sample, turn on the light, set the lens focus.

🔬 Next steps

Now you know the basics, but there is so much more to explore! AI-automation, LIS integration, team management, and even more.
A nice idea would be to learn how to automate CBC test
Enjoy Celly and leave your feedback at [email protected]​