First Steps
Onboarding takes no more than five minutes, so let's go! 💥

Celly is free for non-commercial usage and requires no card info. Go to the signup page, choose a username and password to create your personal account. You can sign up through the mobile app too.
If you feel Celly is the right fit for you and your company, feel free to contact us and get an Enterprise Edition — a self-hosted version with unlimited storage, advanced data security, and more!

Download the Celly app from the AppStore - it's absolutely free! Sign in with Celly website credentials.
The app requires iOS version 13+ and iPhone model 8 or higher.

Before you start, you should get an optical adapter to connect your phone to the microscope.
The adapter is compatible with 99% types of lab microscopes
Celly supports the LabCam Ultra adapter. Compatibility with other adapters is not guaranteed
Attach your iPhone to the eyepiece of a microscope. Put the sample, turn on the light, set the lens focus.
To get the best image quality, set the microscope light to the maximum

  • Let's check the app settings - push the gear icon in the right bottom corner to open the menu. If you're using the LabCam Pro adapter (older version), set the Adapter = LabCam Pro. Leave the other settings as they are. Tap the main screen to return.
App Settings - check the adapter type
  • Next step - set the test type. Open the test configuration panel (left bottom corner). Tap on the pre-configured test.
Test configuration panel
At the first launch, the app will ask you to calibrate. Move the field of view over an empty area and press Ok
  • Start your test using the Red Record Button
    You'll see the map generation on the scan preview during the moving.
  • Finish the test (Stop button -> Complete)

  • Log in on the website. Go to the Tests page. Push the View button to open your report
Test list
  • Select the Scan tab. On the web panel, you can change zoom level, make snapshots and add annotations
Scan review panel
Hold <SHIFT> to add annotation on the scan

Now you know the basics, but there is so much more to explore! AI-automation, LIS integration, team management, and even more.
A nice idea would be to learn how to automate WBC-differential test:
Enjoy Celly.AI and leave your feedback at [email protected]
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