Barcode reader connection

Barcode reader allows you to scan slide barcodes instantly

Your goal is to pair the scanner with your iOS device. You can connect scanner with Bluetooth support.

Honeywell readers with Bluetooth support: 8670 Ring scanner, Voyager 1452g, Voyager XP 1472g, Voyager 1602g, Xenon 1902, Xenon XP1952g, Granit 1911i, Granit 1981i, Granit XP 1991i SR/XR, 8680i, 8690i

  • Scan the 'PAPBTH' bar code to unpair the scanner from the base:

  • Look up in the 'Settings' menu of the Apple device the option for Bluetooth.

  • Once activated, a list of Bluetooth devices that are nearby should appear, from this list, select the device that has the name 'model_name>_<model_no>_SN_<serial_number>'.

  • The device should be connected to the iOS device. In order to test, open Celly App -> Configure test -> Description and scan a bar-code. The bar-code should appear on the device.

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