App configuration

Celly app has 2 types of configs:

  • App settings - camera, performance, user interface

  • Test configuration - test type, slide id, test history

App Settings

Gear icon in the right bottom corner.

Common settings

Online preview: enables mini-map on the top right corner during the test;

Show metrics: enables window with performance parameters (CPU, RAM load, FPS);

Save photo on the device: on - when you tap the snapshot icon (right top corner) the app saves photos on the phone Album; off - save photos on the app web portal (Test->View->Snapshots);

Camera settings

Adapter: enables anti-distortion algorithms. Chose your type of adapter;

Recording: record and save the video on the device;

Calibration: color balance and exposure calibration (set your microscope brightness on maximum before the calibration to get the best quality images)

Test configuration

The blank icon is on the left bottom corner.

Select a custom test: set test type, and slide id for the new test;

Select a pre-set: you can use pre-configured tests;

Test history (clock icon): opens the window with the test history - reports, statistics.

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