Slide scan

Slide scan creates a digital copy of the slide and provides it on the Celly website.

The test works just in configuration with motorized stage connected.

Initial settings

Open the Celly App -> settings (gear icon):

  • Crop: 0.10-0.15 (green rectangle shouldn't fall on the black borders)

  • Mini-map: Off

  • Motorized Stage: On (can require app restart)

  • Motorized Slide Scan: On

  • Skip prescan step: On

  • Virtual pad: On

  • Adapter: Other

  • Recording: Off

Open the Celly App -> configure analysis -> Type = Slide Scan.

Now we should make important calibrations.

Set scan area

Settings -> Set scan area -> Move with virtual pad, to take the scan area.

Color calibration

Move with Virtual Pad to the empty area.

Settings -> Choose Objective magnification x4 (+ set physically x4 objective) -> calibrate color.

Repeat the procedure for all magnifications. After the calibrations restart the app.

Height calibration

Move with Virtual Pad to area with tissue. Set x10 objective.

Settings -> Calibrate height -> wait for the device automatically find the best focus.

Now you can make slide scans.


Open the Celly App -> configure analysis -> Type = Slide Scan.

Push "Start" button and follow instructions.

After the step go to the website. Open the Tests page. Push the View button to open your scan.

Hold <SHIFT> to add annotation on the scan

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What's next?

The best way to explore the Celly interface is to check the Education module, which includes:

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