App configuration

Celly.AI app has 2 types of configs:

  • App settings - camera, performance, user interface

  • Test configuration - patient, test type, test history

App Settings

Gear icon in the right bottom corner.

Settings page

Common settings

Show metrics: enables window with performance parameters (CPU, RAM load, FPS) during the test;

Save photo on the device: on - when you tap the snapshot icon (right top corner) the app saves photos on the phone Album; off - save photos on the cloud (Tests->View->Snapshots);

Camera settings

Adapter: enables anti-distortion algorithms. Chose your type of adapter;

Resolution: video resolution;

FPS: frames per second;

Recording: record and store the test video on the device;

Manual white balance: color balance - auto/manual;

Manual exposure: exposure parameters (shutter, ISO) - auto/manual;

Test configuration

The blank icon in the left bottom corner.

Test configuration panel

Select a custom test: set test type, patient, and description for the new test;

Select a pre-set: pre-configured tests;

Test history (clock icon): opens the window with the test history - reports, statistics.