Team management

The app supports 2 types of users:

  • admin (lab owner, head of the clinical or IT department) - lab management

  • common user (lab scientist) - test performing

After the standard sign up procedure, all new users created as admins. Admin can create common users on the Team › Users › Add User Page

Admins can create new users


  • Common users can: create/execute/review tests, create patients.

  • Admins have all common rights plus access to:

    • Users - create new users

    • Billing - change subscription plan

    • LIS - integration with a laboratory information management system

Admins see all common user tests. Users only see their tests


Lab A makes tests, Lab B review the results:

  • Lab B signs up on the ( The user is admin.

  • Lab B creates Lab A users Team › Users › Add User Page: (the common user)

  • Lab A user makes tests. Lab B reviews the results.